Easter is right around the corner, which means it’s almost time for spring fun like egg hunting and picnicking. Before you set off on your Easter adventures, keep a few safety tips in mind that will make sure your weekend is fun for the whole family.

Easter Event Safety Tips

Fill eggs with care.

If you’ll be filling the eggs for a group of kiddos, keep a few things in mind. Avoid any small toys that could be choking hazards. Avoid candy with nuts, or make sure to warn parents about the potential for candy like Snickers or Peanut M&Ms before the Egg hunting frenzy begins. Keep track of how many eggs you fill so you can make sure none are left behind after the search.

Hide eggs with care.

If you’ll be the one hiding Easter eggs for little ones, think strategically. Make sure they aren’t positioned near anything potentially harmful, like poisonous plants, electrical outlets, or garden tools. Keep them at or below children’s eye level, and away from any animal habitats or pre-existing holes in the ground. Beware of any areas with bees, spiders, or other creepy crawly creatures!

Set up egg hunting boundaries.

Make sure kiddos are egg hunting within a specific area and they can’t wander off towards nearby trees or roadways. Make sure both kids and adults present know where the egg hunting area is.

Watch children carefully.

If you plan to attend any Easter event outside of your own home, watch your children very carefully. Stay close to younger children or hold hands while you search for eggs together. Keep a close eye on older children and agree on a specific time and place they will meet you at the end of the egg hunt. Don’t leave them unattended.

Encourage kids to walk – not run.

It might be difficult to stop a mob of hungry kids from running headfirst towards their favorite candy! But try to keep the running to a minimum so that younger kids won’t get trampled by the candy stampede and older kids won’t slip away in a crowd.

Examine the contents of found eggs.

If your young children are egg hunting at a public event, make sure there isn’t anything unsafe inside their Easter eggs. Throw away any candy with wrappers that seem like they could have been tampered with, and watch out for candy containing nuts or packaged near nuts if your child has food allergies.

Consider Easter alternatives.

If you’re worried about Easter egg hunting safety issues, that doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun. Play hide and seek, have an egg spoon race, or play pin the tail on the bunny instead!

Have a Safe and EGG-cellent Easter

We hope these Easter event safety tips will help our community enjoy the sweet treats and sunny weather without any problems. From all of your friends at C. O. P. S. Arizona, Hoppy Easter!

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