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C.O.P.S. Arizona

Concerns of Police Survivors — Rebuilding Shattered Lives

Roll Call of Honor - Our Heroes

Officers in this list died in or are survived by a resident of Arizona state.
Alexander Kirpnick
U.S. Customs and Border Protection

Wednesday, June, 3rd, 1998

Michael Delgado
Tohono O'odham Police Department

Thursday, April, 9th, 1998

Gary Friedli
Customs Investigation

Wednesday, March, 4th, 1998

Douglas Knutson
Arizona Department of Public Safety

Friday, January, 2nd, 1998

David Kieffer
City of Phoenix Police Department

Wednesday, May, 21st, 1997

Brent Lumley
Arizona Department of Corrections

Friday, March, 7th, 1997

Officer Samuel Anthony Redhouse
Crownpoint Police Department, New Mexico

Monday, February, 17th, 1997

Officer Richard D. Barreda
Dallas-Ft Worth Intl Airport Police Department, Texas

Friday, February, 14th, 1997

Commander Charles Welch Lane
Navajo County Sheriff's Office

Monday, September, 2nd, 1996

Hoskie Gene
Navajo Division of Public Safety

Saturday, January, 6th, 1996

Ronald Kelley
Ak-Chin Tribal Police Department

Monday, November, 20th, 1995

Kenneth Blair
Maricopa County Sheriff's Office

Thursday, September, 28th, 1995

Edwardo Gonzales
Maricopa County Sheriff's Office

Monday, August, 28th, 1995

Robert Martin
Arizona Department of Public Safety

Tuesday, August, 15th, 1995

Michael Crowe
Arizona Department of Public Safety

Wednesday, July, 5th, 1995

Lieutenant Daniel Powell Elkins
Yuma Police Department

Tuesday, July, 4th, 1995

Steven Pollard
Mesa Police Department

Sunday, November, 27th, 1994

Patrick Thompson
Santa Cruz County Sheriff's Office

Friday, September, 2nd, 1994

Patrick Riley
Maricopa County Sheriff's Office

Friday, March, 11th, 1994

Wildlife Manager Estevan Ortiz Escobedo
Game & Fish Dept

Tuesday, January, 4th, 1994

Robert Barchey
Arizona Department of Juvenile Corrections

Monday, November, 15th, 1993

Sergeant Mark Maynard Dryer
Arizona Department of Public Safety

Saturday, July, 3rd, 1993

John Valenzuela
South Tucson Police Department

Monday, May, 17th, 1993

Donald Bookbinder
Surprise Police Department

Saturday, November, 28th, 1992

David Wilson
Payson Police Department

Friday, September, 11th, 1992

David Zesiger
Arizona Department of Public Safety

Friday, July, 3rd, 1992

Leonard Kolodziej
City of Phoenix Police Department

Wednesday, September, 4th, 1991

Manuel Tapia
Arizona Department of Public Safety

Tuesday, January, 8th, 1991

Mark J. Phebus
Texas Department of Public Safety, Texas

Monday, September, 17th, 1990

John M. Blaser
Arizona Department of Public Safety

Friday, August, 31st, 1990


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